Having a clear perception of your personality including strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, motivation, and emotions. Self-awareness allows you to understand other people, how they perceive you, your attitude and your responses to them at the moment” 

biblical text

When Jesus, therefore, perceived that they would come and take him by force, to make him a king, he departed again into a mountain himself alone. ~ John 6:15

Highlight Teachings

Your personality is what makes you ‘you’- UNIQUE. However, it has two sides – POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE. Many people focus only on the positive side of their personality but distance themselves from their weaknesses. This section is to highlight that we should embrace both our strengths and weaknesses of our personality, so that we can be balanced and whole in life. Normally, we hide our weak parts, so others don’t see it. These are things you are ashamed of, that you don’t want to tell people. God made you that way for a purpose. Like Paul said, ‘I was given a thorn in the flesh to keep me humble’. It was the thorn that helped him to be humble and not to think highly of himself. It is noteworthy that personality is different from character. So lying or stealing is not a personality issue but a character issue. We should embrace these weak side and let God use it for His glory. These two sides of personality can be illustrated as: 1. The Negative and Positive poles of electricity: in electricity, for light to come up, both the negative and positive poles must work together, if not, there will not be light. So if you embrace only your positive side, there will be no light. Hence you must embrace both sides of your personality, to be whole/ complete. 2. In the old times, to print pictures, you had to take the negative pictures to the darkroom to develop and print out the picture. Until you embrace your weaknesses, you will not be fulfilled. So what are the personalities you are ashamed of; things that God created in you (not lying, stealing, adultery)? For instance, Peter was quick to speak. This personality must be embraced and developed and placed in the hand of God to be used for His glory. Do you know the parable of the water bearer? A water bearer had two large pots, one hung on each end of a pole which he carried across his neck. One of the pots had a crack in it, and the other pot was perfect. At the end of the long walk from the steam, the cracked pot always arrived only half full for two years, this went on, with the bearer delivering only one and a half pots full of water to his master’s house. The cracked pot felt sorry for its poor delivery, but unknown to it, the linking water from the crack was used to plant and nurture beautiful flowers used to adorn the master’s house. The water bearer showed the cracked (imperfect) pot the beautiful flowers on its path. 3. Embrace it and give it to God. From the water bearer’s story, we can see that God uses our weak areas for His glory. So we can see that nothing goes into waste in God’s economy. He knows how to bring everything to His glory. What is the negative part of your personality you need to accept and give it to God to use for His glory? .

biblical context

This verse marks the height of Jesus’ popularity. The crowd of the feeding of the 5,000 men wanted a king to rule them and guarantee security in life. However, these people did not understand the reason Jesus came to earth. Jesus refused to become a political opportunist. He did not yield to populism of the mob. The crowd correctly recognized Jesus as the Messiah but wrongly equated His Messiahship with the setting up of an earthly kingdom at that present time. They were fervent political activists who attempted to be king-makers for Israel. They wanted to use Him for their own ends. Their goals were temporal (not eternal) and materialistic, not God-centered. They evidently wanted to kidnap Him and force Him to go with them. The crowd was willing to resort to violence to make Jesus king. They were in the business of sedition and rebellion against Rome. Having dismissed the crowd, Jesus left for the mountain so that the crowd would not pursue Him further to be their political king. He left the political activists behind to stew in their theory about Jesus being a political king. He was not about ready to acquiesce to their fancy of a new power over Rome. Reference -


7.4% of children aged 3-17 years (approximately 4.5 million) have a diagnosed personality/behavior problem. Source:


Personality awareness - beginners level

This involves gaining knowledge of your spirituality type, to identify the condition of your heart with God. It will help you to know your values, beliefs, and purpose. It can be achieved in several ways both physically and mentally. At the end of this module, you must be able to answer these questions: Who am I? Why do I feel something is missing

in my life? Isn’t there something better? This is called spiritual awareness, you will also be engaged in different activities that will reveal your spirituality type. This will be an initial evaluation to see where you are, regarding your spiritual awareness.

Personality awareness - advance level

Application of Knowledge and wisdom in acting on what was discovered. Roasting your game. Now that you know your strengths, what do you do with it? Learn more and take action about these personalities, Strengths or weaknesses, gifts, or liabilities.

Personality awareness - proficiency level

Consistency, persistence, maintenance, and mastery. The ability to stay on track. Not distracted. Staying focused and finishing the race. Having the wisdom to control and know when to apply these acquired discoveries. Tracking your progress and having accountability. Claim and have mastery over this personality type. Use it to your advantage.   

When you are personally accountable, you take ownership of what happens as a result of your choices and actions. You don’t blame others or make excuses, and you do what you can to make amends when things go wrong. To become more accountable, make sure that you’re clear about your roles and responsibilities.

The following activities will help you to be accountable to yourself and others.