certified iessp mentor and discipler

The IESSP mentoring and discipleship certification is a twelve week intensive program covering twelve crucial areas of life. This curriculum will prepare participants in the art and profession of mentoring and life coach, especially in the areas of non-anxious presence in dealing with identity, career path, spirituality, and social life, all encompassing in the pathway of wholeness. 

The program runs during the Spring; January to April, Fall; September to November, with June being the graduation season. 

Non-anxious presence

NAP is the ability to provide a calm, cool, focused inner and outward environment that empowers others to be relaxed and deescalate.


The quality of being clear, calm, and peace. It is the stillness of mind, the absence of stress and an environment devoid of disturbance or noise.


Vulnerability is "uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure." It's that unstable feeling we get when we step out of our comfort zone...


The ability to identify, sense and be with other people's emotions or perspectives, and to imagine what someone else might be feeling.


The principle of confidentiality is about privacy or respecting someone's wishes. It means that when privileged information passes through one of the gates of one’s senses, it must remain within the walls of the mind...

Bond & Boundary

This is the ability to balance between cordiality and professional boundaries. We must create an atmosphere that is accommodating and free of judgement. We must also know where we draw the line.


To be consistent is to always behave in the same way, having the same attitudes towards people or things, or achieving the same level of success in something. Maintaining and following through a steady high standard.

ownership & accountability

Accountability is the obligation to explain, justify, and take responsibility for one’s actions. To be accountable is to remember that to whom much is given much will be requested. Ownership, responsibility and accountability are required.


The power to see, name or identify a situation as it is without any bias or preconception. It takes both courage and deep honesty to see or name things as they are.


Foresight depicts projection. It is the ability know the end from the beginning. Proactivity is often the result of great foresight. We do not fear the future, we shape it.


Insight involves seeing with a deeper or spiritual mind. It is the ability to transcend the physical and seek divine wisdom in understanding a situation beyond the literal interpretation.


Hindsight is the understanding of an event after it has occurred. It is the ability to track the footsteps of one's life and claim mastery over it's patterns. If you can name it you can tame it.