the class of 2021

The pioneering mentees of the iessp discipleship & certification program

About the team

These are the pioneer cohort of the IESSP training. These people answered the call, made the highly demanding decision to forsake all, and wholeheartedly committed all. They chose to be in strategic alliance with people of means who are relevant to The Voice assignment. They are friends of destiny, partners in purpose, godly leaders who have come to join forces with the founder to execute God’s mandate for our generation.

Foremost, they have answered the call to “Be With Me.”

The class of 2021 committed to thirty hours of training, mentoring, and discipleship. The thirty hours was spread over four months of one hour per week of one-to-one deep and intensive conversation and one hour of completing homework. They are also committing thirty minutes per week of intercession prayer chain in the Prayer Room. This commitment is for immersion into the core values of the IESSP, and it culminates into a life coach Certification.

In addition, and when qualified, these fellows will become members of the board of directors of The Voice Organization.

You can read about their experiences so fare below.

life coach Partners

ronise baroneza vieira

I am honored to be a part of the 12 Disciples! First I have to give all the Glory to God for making my path cross with Rev. Moses at a moment of chaos in my life. From day 1 I knew in my spirit that this connection was going to be a blessing. I just didn’t know to what extent. And Oh I tell you this is just the beginning. I can’t thank God enough for giving another earthly father to take me under his wings. My favorite color is yellow. I love all type of music. Before this I never really paid attention to what my name really meant. So according to google my name Ronise means “You are a law onto itself; companionate; frank; methodical and believe in law and order.

oyeyemi dada

Hi Everyone. My name is Oyeyemi meaning The Kingship belongs to me, Esther meaning a STAR. My favourite gospel artist is Dunsi Oyekan. I feel so happy to be part of this Mentoring/Discipleship class, it is an amazing opportunity, during this course, I have learnt a lot especially when I was healed from the bondage that held me down for years.. It became a moment of deep reflection for me. To my Mentor and  Father, Revd Dr. Moses Kunle Sowale, I want to say a very big thank you for this great opportunity. God bless you sir and more wisdom. To all my teammates, I am glad that I am journeying with you in this course and looking forward to meet you all in person some day. Thank you

olabisi adejumo

My name is Olabisi more wealth for us
Rhoda: Rose; peculiar in beauty & elegance
Ajoke : Ajoke is a child that is born to be pampered by all Omoyeni : We are worthy of a child I enjoy Yoruba Christian high praise of any genre.
Being a part of this Mentoring/Discipleship team is an amazing opportunity. I have learned so much despite the challenges of connection, it has been a period of deep healing for me. It has helped me to evolve, triggered some things, and I was taken back into my deepest past as my hot buttons were pressed, memories were reawakened & most important is that a new me is evolving.

oluseun asere

Hello Everyone, my name is Oluwaseun (Thank God), Asere (Dogood). I love Shola Allyson (a gospel worshiper) and I love hymns. Its my first time being an official Mentee and I must say it’s so far, so good. I’ve learned to do some serious soul searching; dig deep into ‘those places I never wanted to visit’, and I have embraced those stories. I’m learning new ways of addressing situations as they come and embracing whatever that comes with it. I look forward to getting better and I can’t wait to meet the New and Upcoming OLUWASEUN ASERE.

oladayo olaleye

My name is Olaleye ( wealth has dignity) Oladayo ( wealth turns joy) Olaoluwa( wealth of God). I love Dunsin Oyekan,Nathaniel Bassey songs. The discipleship class has been a rewarding one, each session has been an eye opener, soul searching adventure, rediscovery of real self and equally a challenging one. I look forward to having a great time together with the team. Thank you sir for this opportunity.

aderonke sofowora

I am Aderonke(crown has got something to nurture) Adedayo (crown turned joy) Sofowora (Money cannot be used to pay for it) my own interpretation though. My best color is forest Green, it reminds me of nature and God’s faithfulness to His creation. Discipleship class for me has been a time to discover and be discovered. It has opened my eyes to seeing my real self, my abilities, gifts and talents. The part I love most is knowing how important it is for me to attend to myself. It should not be about others all year round. The discipleship class has helped in changing my perception about life and people around. It has thought me to be more accommodating and patient with people. It has made me to be selfless and willing to give more in helping to lift others. Am really enjoying myself and giving it my very best. Thank you for this opportunity!

oluwaseun olateru

My name is Olateru Oluwaseun Moses. Olateru – Wealth is fearful Oluwaseun – The Lord does good. Moses – Pull out of water. I love Classical Music, and I love contemporaries more. I also love all Integrity Productions as well as My own blood brother (David MC)’s Compositions. Oh My GOD! The time runs so fast during the discipleship session. The sessions has been so expository, so far it has created a balance for my life, Spiritually, physically and emotionally. Where else would I be? Its really a rare privilege to be a part of this.

felix adeoye

Hello brethren. I’m Felix Olutade Adeoye. Felix (Happy or Lucky), Olutade (God is my crown or enough to be my crown) Adeoye(Crown of leadership or chieftaincy). I’m easily turned on by Don Moen, Ojo Ade, Bola Are(especially old songs) and Niyi Adedokun musics. Personally, being part of discipleship class has been a wonderful experience even as pastor. There was freedom, openness, sincerity and God’s presence. It was as if each session shouldn’t come to an end. 

oluwabunmi fanimi

My name is Beatrice(a bringer of joy) Olubunmi (God has given me). I love listening to Gospel songs (Tope Alabi,Shola Allyson, Dunsin Oyekan, I also love hymns (Yoruba hymns). Discipleship classes! It’s been only 5weeks yet the impacts are going to be forever. Every session with a new page of life to open, I am getting to know myself better than I used to. I have been healed of some past pains, still healing and yet to even discover some(but I will get there, it’s a work in progress!)
I couldn’t do my pre-birth and childhood modules they were too deep for me and so fresh to handle (even after 4 decades) probably because I wasn’t prepared for it. The program has opened my eyes to discover so lots about my relationship with God.

vesta scotland

Hello My Dearest Sisters and Brothers in Christ!
My name is Vesta Scotland,
The name Vesta originated as an Latin-American name Vesta’s Definition- 1 capitalized: the Roman goddess of the hearth
Sir name Scotland [skot-luhnd ] SHOW IPA noun – a division of the United Kingdom in the N part of Great Britain. I love to sing and listen to Gospel, Classical and jazz music. My favorite color is green. This program is very intense, encouraging, inspiring, empowering, educational. It will help you accomplish your wildest dreams, your greatest goals and your precious inspirations! This was done by identifying my true self, uprooting my inner soul and compelling me in understanding what God’s unique and sole purpose is for my life! 

badejoko fabamise

Hello everyone, I am Badejoko Adefiola Fabamise. Badejoko literally means (I am seated with a Crown/ Royal Diadem), Adefiola (One whose arrival or birth adds more value and wealth), Fabamise (The Oracle has done it for me ~ Wisdom). I am enthralled by Ron Kenoly and Helen Baylor’s music. I also listen to evergreen oldies by KSA. The discipleship sessions have been engaging and challenging. I have been more grounded to not let my voice be silenced by anyone and channel my God given courage and abilities towards rediscovering my true self and inherent strength. I am happy to be here and look forward to more mutually beneficial exchanges. Thank you

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