our programs

We engage our clients in various ways. Our one-on-one mentoring program creates a place of trust and vulnerability which enhance growth and creativity. Our workshops called “The Pathway to Wholeness” gives people the opportunity to collaborate and experience team work with people who may be different but with similar issues. Our certification program empowers more people to become mentors and leaders and who can do similar or advance work. Please browse though the sections below to find what is good for you. 

One-on-One Mentoring

Enjoy an undivided attention in a serene environment. You will experience a non-anxious presence, an opportunity to be vulnerable without shame, just for you. 


The pathway to wholeness workshop with seasoned speakers and thought-provoking topics will sweep your feet off the ground.


This is a sixteen weeks IESSP life coach, mentoring and discipleship certification program customized specifically for you.