Oluwaseun Asere

This course to me is like a Mirror. It shows me what I need to work on and also celebrate my strength. I was able to confront my fears and rejuvenate my passion. I am forever for this life transforming experience.  


Do good and feed your neighbor is a non-profit organization founded by Oluwaseun. We are sensitive to the evils of hunger, and we are aware of the guilt caused by food waste among the wealthy. DFYN is committed to the collection and the redistribution of food to end starvation at all levels. We believe in the concept of abundance; there is enough to go around.

knowing myself more

I need to know myself more, find myself, love myself, know my identity. it is when all this happens, I will be able to function in this life and in the life of people around me. This is when I’m able to fulfill my purpose.

The best campus facilities

Rev. Moses, thank you for being an amazing person with such an acceptable heart. Despite all your accomplishments, you still came down to the level of a lot us, to help us find who we are in the society and in Christ. Thank you so much for challenging me to be accountable throughout this course. I really appreciate you. 

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