Felix Adeoye

I initially thought it is just one of the normal discipleship programs I’m already used to. I was reluctant to join because of busy schedules. But I decided to sign up anyway, now I can say it is not just like other normal discipleship programs. This is life changing and it has impacted me positively in many ways: spiritually, physically, martially and my devotion with God. Now I am happy that I signed up for it.


Vulnerability is a deliberate decision not to conceal one's feelings or wishes from others. It is a conscious decision to showcase who you are whether good or bad without the fear of being judged by your partner, spouse, friends, or people. Another word to simply describe vulnerability is “OPENNESS”.

I am ready!

I’ve been immersed into the IESSP through the pathway to wholeness, mentoring, and discipleship. It is well established in me that my identity is not in what I am but who I am. This created more passion for people who have been abused, broken, and who have lost who they are in Christ, and I’m trusting that God will use me to set them free by the power of his grace.

my best mentorship experience

Rev. Moses is a gifted Counselor, a good listener, easily make friend, believe in people and always show love. People who do not know him could misconstrue his friendliness. They could also abuse it thinking they are the only one he’s doing that to. 

Learn from the very best

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