strategic planning

beginners level

This involves the knowledge of what is, and what happened. Awareness of facts and truths, a collection and documentation of facts and happenings. You will discover things you would like to accomplish, big or small.

advance level

This involves the application of Knowledge and wisdom in acting on what was discovered at the beginners level. Roasting your game; now that you know what strategic planning means, what do you do with it? At this stage, you are invited to take action to maximize setting SMART Goals. The following activities will help you to enhance your goal-setting skills.

proficiency level

In this stage, you will be held accountable for your progress. You have made a strategic plan and set smart goals now you have to stay on track to maintain your success. Holding yourself accountable and or having an accountability partner will accelerate your performance by helping you make consistent and steady progress. Stop dreaming and start doing.


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