opportunities & open doors

beginners level

This involves the knowledge of what is, and what happened. Awareness of facts and truths, a collection and documentation of facts and happenings. At this stage, you will discover that the skills and talents you possess can open doors to new and exciting opportunities if you allow it.

advance level

This involves the application of knowledge and wisdom in acting on what was discovered. Now that you are knowledgeable of your inner potential, skills, talents, strengths and weaknesses, you can spring into action and use your God-given gifts to open all doors available to you. You should apply all the knowledge you have obtained to aligning your purpose to allow doors to open for new opportunities.

proficiency level

In this stage, you will have reached the wholeness stage; where you will maintain the knowledge you have obtained throughout this lesson to stay on track, build your vision, and conquer your dreams. Hold yourself accountable and stay on track down your pathway to victory.


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