book study

beginners level

This stage involves knowledge of what is and what happened. Awareness of facts, truths, a collection and documentation of facts and happenings. At this stage, you will be more aware of how to go about book-reading activities. For the next several days, you will engage in different activities which will help you understand how to have an effective book study.

advance level

This level involves the application of knowledge and wisdom in acting on what was discovered at the Beginners level. Roasting your game; now what? Now that you know, what do you do? Proactivity and strategy. Get a deeper understanding of the meaning of book study. Necessary questions here are "What do I need to do to enhance my reading skills?"

proficiency level

This stage involves consistency, persistence, maintenance, and mastery. You will gain the ability to stay on track, not getting distracted, staying focused and finishing the race. Having the wisdom to control and know when to apply these acquired discoveries from the previous stages. Proficiency stage involves accountability, routine practice, and focus.


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